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Last year we were on holiday in London with our children (aged 6 and 9). On this website you can find tips to keep such a trip affordable. The prices that are mentioned are from 2018. We tried to show the prices listed on the various websites as accurate as possible. Please check the prices on the relevant websites to be sure, mistakes are possible.

onderweg met de Eurostar

Some general tips:

  • Download the free app 'playground buddy'. This app has the locations of many playgrounds around the world. In many cases you can also find a picture of the playground and information about which play equipment are available.
  • Capitol has published a family guide London. This travel guide is full of information, such as fun attractions for children, children's activities in museums, locations of toilets, playgrounds, useful maps, etc.
  • There are many parks in London, maybe you could bring a frisbee or something like that (as the Londoners do).
  • For London too, booking early usually pays off...
  • It is worthwhile to look carefully at the location of your hotel/apartment. For example, is the center of London accessible easily by public transport? Which zone are you in?

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